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The West Funeral Home first opened its doors on Centre Avenue in 1925 and served the African American community. It has since moved to 2215 Wylie Avenue, where it continues to serve the community. The funeral home has been in the family for three generations. It was the inspiration for the movie Two Trains Running, which starred August Wilson. However, the portrayal of Thomas L. West Sr. is inaccurate. The funeral services mission remains unchanged.

In 1958, Thomas L. “Sam” West opened his first funeral home in the Newton Grove area. He later added an ambulance service, which was invaluable to the community. In 1972, the funeral home expanded into Benson by redeveloping a historic building on West Main Street. The funeral home continued to offer the same services as it had in its Newton Grove location. In 1996, Sam West teamed up with Norman Dunn to expand the business and become the West & Dunn Funeral Homes.

The company expanded by establishing funeral homes in several locations in and around Pittsburgh. The original location was in Newton Grove, but it became limited to African American clients because of segregation. In 1972, the West Funeral Home expanded to the Benson area, remodeled an older home on West Main Street and continued to offer the same services. In 1996, Sam West partnered with Norman Dunn to form the West & Dunn Funeral Homes.

Today, the West Funeral Home operates two locations, including a Chapel and a Memorial Chapel. It is a legacy that is reminiscent of the founding father’s commitment to the community. Regardless of the name, the family still maintains a strong presence in the Plano community. The business has continued to expand and is thriving today. The only threat to its survival is the lack of clients. If the owners are concerned about the future of the company, they can rely on the expertise and compassion of their staff to provide quality service for their clients.

A funeral home is a place where a family can grieve. It is a time to honor a loved one with the right services and care. A funeral home serves the community in a unique way. It is an important part of a family’s life, and the West Funeral Home was founded in the 1950s by a black man named Thomas L. West Sr. was the owner of one of the first African American-owned businesses in Pittsburgh. He was a kind and compassionate man. Despite the repression of his race, he remained in business. He partnered with Norman Dunn, a white man, and the business became known as West & Dunn.

The funeral director of a funeral home is an integral part of the service. They keep a register of the visitors who come to the service, the deceased’s family, and the clergyman’s license. The director also stores the body, and restores it if necessary. This is done with wax, creams, and plaster. It is important that all of these details be accurate. This way, the service will be as memorable as possible for the family.

There are many services held at a funeral home. The director will hold the funeral service and make arrangements for the deceased’s family. The director will also prepare a signed contract for the service. The director is the person who will be in charge of the arrangements. In the case of a death, the family will have the final say in the arrangement. The deceased’s wishes will be fulfilled and a binding contract will be drawn up.

The funeral director will keep a register of the deceased’s family, the officiating clergyman, and the floral tributes. The director will also take care of the body’s storage. Upon completion of the service, the director will certify the death certificate. It will be used as legal proof for various claims by the family. A graveyard is another name for a funeral home. It is the building where the deceased’s body will be entombed.

The funeral director will take care of all the arrangements and make the arrangements for the funeral. He will also keep a register of the visitors and the deceased’s family. He will also keep a record of the floral tributes. He will store the body until the service is complete. The director will ensure that the ashes remain safe and odor-free, and will be properly buried. If the ashes are kept in a casket, the ashes of the deceased will be buried in a niche.

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